A screen and stage writer with a particular interest in sci-fi, supernatural/fantasy realism, genre-comedy, LGBT+ and gender.


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KT is a stage and screen-writer who specialises in genre and is represented by Tavistock Wood. She was commissioned by Vikarious Productions to work on an original concept TV series about virtual reality and is also working with Cattleya (Gomorrah) on re-writes for a historical epic TV series for RAI. Her debut feature film - a futuristic re-telling of the Little Mermaid with AI, is in development with Shadowhouse Films producer Douglas Cox and director Jo Lewis.

She has a number of other projects in development, including a supernatural drama about sex demons (Being Human meets Killing Eve), a genre-comedy about married lesbian super-spies who retire to rural Wales, and a historical thriller about female pirates, which she's co-writing with Lorna Tucker. She's also rather fond of super-heroes and wrote a piece about the new female Thor for The Independent - Voices. Please get in touch if you're interested in her slate.

Villain, Interrupted, a play about supervillains in prison therapy, recently ran at the Camden Fringe to critical acclaim. It's a finalist in the Off-West-End Awards 2020 - Short Run and was created by Dolls in Amber, a queer, female led company KT co-founded with director Micha Mirto: 2 geeky women making sci-fi theatre on a dime.

KT’s zombie rom-com feature script Manflu underwent development on a bursary with the Screen Arts Institute at the BFI (2015-2016). Her first play, Disconnect, was accepted onto a new writing scheme by Ugly Duck and had a 3 day run at their London Bridge venue in 2017.

KT graduated with a 2.i in Neuroscience from Cambridge University in 2013. She has a strong background in production through working as a crowd AD, with credits such as Last Night in Soho (Big Smoke) Aladdin, Dumbo (Disney), Yesterday (Working Title).



Upcoming Short Film


Mary’s unexpectedly pregnant, despite being in a lesbian relationship. Recriminations ensue...

until the Angel Gabriel turns up on their doorstep.


Immaculate is a comedy short film which KT wrote and will be co-directing with Rhiannon Allen. Shoot dates are set for May 2020 and it will star April Kelley and Isabel Adomakoh Young.


The story is simple, funny and powerful. It explores questions that resonate with us all: is anyone ever ready for parenthood? Can we trust our partners? Is there a God preparing to send a second saviour to fix our mistakes?

Immaculate examines the exacting standards minority communities often feel they must uphold and makes fun of damaging tropes, like being ‘gold star’ (a lesbian who’s never slept with a man). The idea was born from frustrations that lesbian, bisexual and trans stories are often under-served by queer narratives in film. 


Villain, Interrupted

at the Camden Fringe 2019

by Dolls in Amber

For six months, Gina worked as a therapist in a prison for super-villains. Fearlessly idealistic, she was determined to turn them all into Heroes. Things didn’t go exactly to plan - now she’s telling her story…


In a new play exploring redemption, rehabilitation and the nature of evil (but funny), we follow Gina as she plunges into the prison system for powered people, and is forced to question everything she believes in. From Daddy issues (therapy staple) to toxic masculinity, Gina grapples with problems she’s ill-equipped to face. Will they see the error of their ways? Or is the error Gina’s in thinking they’re redeemable?

Combining black comedy with larger than life characters, the show fuses a love of comic-books with the endless possibilities of theatre. Following the lead of blockbusters like Black Panther and Captain Marvel, it uses humour, adrenaline and a mad-cap narrative (plus the occasional shadow puppet) to explore deeper themes; in this case society’s troubling propensity for criminalising non-neuronormativity.

Always Time for Theatre - ★★★★★️  "In Roberts’ writing there’s a feast of light and dark, riotous action and understated moments...the kind of work which sells fringe theatre as a vital space for exciting new work"  

London Pub Theatres - ★★★★️“Effortlessly quick and witty... riotous good fun packed full of high energy escapades and brimming with human warmth.” 
View from the Cheap Seat - "smart, inventive and thoughtful" "truly insightful, extremely funny" 

London Theatre 1 - ★★★★️ 


Rehearsal stills by Sam Elwin

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